Sailing Around The World

Hows the Weather?

The weather is perfect tonight; with just the right amount of heat and cool breeze that puts one soul into a coma of thought, with a tall beer. I am sitting back on the shore side enjoying a pizza from a fired brick oven and drinking a local Piton Beer which is brewed here on St. Lucia. I spent the day quibbling over sums of money with local merchants for phone service, ship supplies, and bus rides. My mother went home this afternoon as she does not like to make the long voyages that we are about to do. In two days after we have repaired and fitted Dragonbane out we will spend 4 days at sea to make our way to the ABC’s. That is Aruba, Curacao, and BonaireIslands which is about 60 miles north of South America. Our passage has been postpone do to a large weather system south and north of our position that is producing wind speeds in the 35 to 40 mpr range and large swells 7 to 10 feet coming down from the north Atlantic. I am hoping that the weather window will open up on Friday. Our plan is to set sail on Friday and sail into Bonaire and arrive on Monday after noon if we have good weather.

So far my experience here on St Lucia has been good. It is a English speaking island, and has many of the normal USA products but is limited on its diversity in supplies and has a mix of European products as well. The transportation is cheap, only $0.50 for a bus ride to wherever. But the buses are vans which zip around every 2 to 3 minutes. I am comfortable here but would not be sad if I never returned.





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