Sailing Around The World

Just Another Nut!

First I have always found it odd when I heard people speaking in a foreign language such as German, French, Italian, and so on in public places through out the United State. I always wondered why they where here and what they where up to. Now that I have been out of the United States for almost 4 months now I am continually surrounded by French, German, Italian, British, South African, and many others. At first I felt like the odd duck on the pond and would wonder what was going through their mined when they looked at me. I always assumed that I looked like a good old boy from the USA and they were smugly looking at me, like I was just another stupid American. But the reality is that they have no more of a clue of who I am or where I am from. My self awareness of my surroundings are becoming more relaxed and almost to the point that being in a bar with 20 different languages filling the air and culture clicks is somewhat normal. Everybody has a respect of each other regardless of country and moves about there business in a very slow and common manner. I personally enjoy the blend of conversation that I can’t understand but listen none the less and can pick up the just of the story by there body language and key words or phases. I am totally emerged into a melting pot of culture and now feel like one of the potatoes in the pot just softening up with all the other nuts out here!





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  1. Barbara Soumis

    This is Emily. Terrific writing skills! Just another nut, eh! How long are you going to let your hair grow? You’re looking like just another nut, eh! But I still love you!!!

    February 21, 2013 at 11:04 pm

  2. I am not sure how long I will let my hair grow. I do have a bet with a friend for $50 bucks to let it grow out for the whole trip and seeing sense I don’t have any income right now I think it my be worth the long term investment! Love you too and thanks for the complement.

    Love, Uncle Jacques

    February 22, 2013 at 12:07 am