Sailing Around The World

Day Three Minus 300 Nautical Miles

Once again another great day of sailing with wind in the mid teens and swells averaging 7 feet high. No fish today, but I think that was do to the dolphins swimming behind the boat off and on all day. They are goofy little buggers but shuts down my fishing!

Last night the moon was dipped in sold gold, casting bright light which illuminated the squalls that surrounded us but somehow like threading a needle we past them all without incident. It was very trippy seeing the moonlight casting a gold glow over the decks of Dragonbane. It made all the rigging shadow the decks with strange images dancing around as Dragonsbane yawed back and forth surfing the waves at 8 knots. It could also be because I was listening to Pink Floyd “Dark Side of Moon”? Either way I was floating in a different world at the helm of Dragonsbane!



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