Sailing Around The World

Ex-Commando, Broken Inverter, Landfall!

I have made the 455 nautical mile sail to Bonaire Island in 3.5 days and look forward to all her supersizes and wonders that every travels seeks when in a new unknown destination. Upon our arrival my multiple attempts to reach harbor control on VHF 17 radio frequency did not work, so we made landfall in Harbor Village Marina and after consulting a local Dutchmen I was told that the city sleeps from noon to 2pm. We final found the sleeping harbor master and rented a slip for two days at a $1 a foot of Dragonsbne length. Then we walked 30 minutes to customs and immigration and cleared in.

After a few tall Heinekens we walked to Digcell to find out why my cell did not work, with no answer other then it should work and I should email there help desk. Then after that disappointment we went back to Dragonsbane to find out that the inverter that charges our batteries is not working and we spent a few hours trying to reinvent the wheel but did not get the dam thing working. I then tried the password for the internet service furnished by the harbor master and that didn’t work either. So I decided to turn to the RUM!

Dad and I found ourselves at the local marina watering hole knocking back beers with an x-commando from the Netherlands who was the same age as my dad. The conversation was of a multitude of subjects including our idea of sailing to Columbia and we where reinforced with his first hand knowledge and decided that we shall sail to Columbia. Another subject strange that it may be was the swapping of ideas of multi culture differences in war between current and past conflicts. It all boiled down to the fact that we are all cut from the same cloth but we are separated by individual historic tribal beliefs that keep countries torn and countries from uniting to be one. If only we could all set our beliefs aside for the common good of each other the world would be at piece. Not locked and load to blow each other up!

I also learned about a young man that the ex-commando sailed with was hitch hiking around the world. He happened to give him a lift from Europe to Columbia where he dropped him off last year and just heard back from him. He is now in Vancouver Canada hitch hiking his way back to Europe. Although being a very intelligent individual a person could go on an epic adventure with only the cloths on his back, passport and the idea that no matter what the local village says about the next place bad/good or other a person with nothing to show for wealth can see the world with his wits and unwavering courage. People of all nations want to hear tails of the road and other place they dream and with that you find kind hearts with a warm meal. So I asked myself why do I stress over the evils of this world because to go forward into the unknown is met with great eye opening experiences and new beliefs. I shall move forward into the scary world and conquer my fears with disregard to people’s opinions of what the world holds evil or good. I will paint the true picture of what this world has become! I am now understanding that time is best spent experiencing the unknown and not chained to desk or cuffed to debt that capitalist insist is the best and safest way to live forever. I rather die trying to know the truth of this world then just live in it!

For you, Jacques

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