Sailing Around The World


You know,  I left for a trip around the world thinking to myself  of all the wonderful places I will see, and the adventures I will experience. I never gave any thought to the overwhelming difficulty with language barriers and finding simple repair parts. For example our autopilot has not worked sense we left Annapolis Maryland five long months and 5000 miles ago. Three weeks ago we identified the issue and had to replace a part from the USA. I ordered it right away and it arrived in Panama a few days ago. Being used to UPS service in the USA I thought the part would be easy to get and we would be saved, NOPE! I found a very interesting phase “ THIS IS PANAMA!” Which means anything goes, I drank beers in cars, watched police walk around with M16 guns, motorcycles that drive everywhere but on the road legally, and that the UPS carrier doesn’t know there head from there asshole! To make a very long story short I finally received the package that was only 1.18 lbs after driving from one end of Panama City to the other over the course of 2 days $100 less money in my pocket “note the part is only $60  bucks”. The good news is that I improved on my Spanish and if anybody would like to play a game of charades I will kick your butt! The good news is that we have fixed the autopilot, but the bad news is that my new air compressor for filling scuba tanks arrived with a broken valve and now I have a 100 pound paper weight. So I will wait 1 month to get that part so I can fill my scuba tanks, o well at least the sun came up today! I guess its back to skin diving to wash the bottom of Dragonsbane. I tried that today but the Jellyfish stung a little to much so I gave up and will try another day. But at least I have a Cuba Libre Ron & Cola to wash down the stress and cool off in the hot sun.


Yup, taste just as good as you think it does!

Yup, taste just as good as you think it does!

Cheers! Enjoy life you only get one!



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  1. Gina

    Hey jacques, Do you guys only have email access when you are on shore or do you have it when you are out at sea as well? I emailed Adam today and am just wondering! Hope things are going good!

    April 10, 2013 at 5:12 pm