Sailing Around The World

Day 1 Golapagos Island Passage

Well after spending a few weeks in Panama we have left it behind us only to find a very calm sea. We reviewed the forecasted wind and location and hope that the reports are right. Our plan is to motor about 300 nautical miles south west were there is a belt of east trade winds that blows about 10 to 18 knots. If we can manage to make 3 to knots we should make Galapagos Island in 8 days. But right now the waves out here in the Pacific is coming from Dragonsbane. It really is interesting to see the ocean surface like glass as far as you can look. But seeing such a flat surface you can see a ocean of plastic bags, Styrofoam cups, and other odd trash floating along. I can see the big peace’s of trash because the sea birds are standing on it and taking a brake from flying. I also have seen lots of schools of fish and I have caught 3 tuna so far but they are very small. With no wind it is very hot out here and so we are all melting into our seats and reading books. I hope for wind and look forward to sailing.



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