Sailing Around The World

Day 4 Passage to Galapagos Island 4/14/13

We have found the wind for now and enjoyed 20 knots of wind for the last 14 hours and I hope it keeps up, but as I am writing the wind is dropping off. As for the rest of the day it was very eventful! To start we were sailing into a big squall and the wind was rising up to 24 knots so my dad and Adam started the task of reefing in the sail. I was trying to sleep but my bunk is right below the wench they where using. I may as well have stuck my head in a engine compartment because the winch is loud. So not being able to sleep I crawled out of my bunk and stood in the companion way and watch them work. Adam was at the helm and my dad was working at the wench trying crank in the sail. The wind kept changing so Adam was struggling with keep the sail full of wind. I was impressed by there team effort and decided not to get involved because our cockpit does not have the room for us all to complete the above task. As soon as my dad finished cranking in the sail the winch hand popped out of the drum and went over board, he tried to grab it but only lost his hate too. My dad was very pissed about losing his favorite winch handle and hat, I thought he was going to jump in for them but the wind changed so they had to tack the sail again instead. This time my dad took the helm and Adam began cranking in the sail. As they worked I tried saying thing like “Shit Happens” to improve there mood. As soon as Adam finished cranking the sail in he let his hand off the second best winch and it went right into the ocean and sank. Adam said SHIT HAPPENS!)@&(*&@ yeah right! So now we are out 2 good wench handles and still need to reef in the main so I get my gear on and start dropping the main sail. I get our old heavy iron wench handles out that look like something from the mid evil days and try to crank in the mainsail reef line but the winch is jammed. So I tap the button to engage the electric motor but the winch hand spins really fast and punches me right in the face but misses my front teeth. After a short string of profanity I finished reefing the main with a nice swollen face. Now the there is lots of rain and the inside of my cabin/bunk is wet with rain water, so now I have a water bed too. We are all wet in one way or another and the boat interior has some water in it as well. But the good news is we only have 498 nautical miles to go at 3 knots per hour. O yeah and I fixed the ripped sail too.

Enjoy Life Now because SHIT HAPPENS!

current location: 4deg 8.4min north, 82deg 7min west

2 responses

  1. Maggie

    Sounds like a pretty rough day. Things will look better in the morning right? And you still have all your teeth, so there’s your silver lining : )

    April 15, 2013 at 12:50 am

  2. Gina

    OMG I hope everything is going ok and you got out of the squall alright. Just have some more rum and cigars. It will make your face feel better….or not feel at all. 😉

    April 15, 2013 at 2:50 pm