Sailing Around The World

Day 5 Passage to Galapagos Island 4/15/13

We have not seen a ship for two days now and we have not seen land for almost five days. We are very close to being halfway with 446 nautical miles to go. The sailing has been very slow, but interesting way out here in the middle of this liquid dessert. All around you can see the horizon that looks like it just falls off into nothingness. The water is a dark blue that changes from bright blue close up to almost dark black as your eyes look out into the open. Its strange not even to hear a jet flying overhead or a engine rumbling off in the distance. When everybody goes to sleep and I am on watch I can hear Dragonsbane slowly cutting its way through the ocean and the only thing that keeps me company is the compass and wind instrument as I study how the boat is moving along the 5 knot breeze. The sounds of water slapping the haul and the sails sheets being stretched as the wind fills them is the only sound left to hear. Every once in awhile I hear the faint sound of somebody below deck sounding off with a fart which makes me laugh, and I think it is to quiet out here. Then as I begin to think of friends and girls I wish I was home to say hi, but I get side track by some object flying right next to me in the cockpit. My heart speeds up and I can see just a bright green glowing light that follows me. Then it just shot straight ahead of the boat and is gone. I wonder if I am losing it, but then it is right back again and I think of hitting it with something. Then it gets so close to me and I hear a loud squawk and it is a bird, stupid bird thought you were some UFO or something. I settle back down and think of home again until something else happens.

Loving Life, but Missing you All!


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