Sailing Around The World

Day 9 Passage to Galapagos Island 4/19/13

Today was much like yesterday but last evening after I had sent my blog I caught a Tuna. It was a nice little tuna that I filleted up and put on ice for Sushi. For lunch I cooked up some sushi rice, and made my first sushi roll by hand. Ended up making 5 rolls and had some plain raw tuna as well. I can’t believe how good fresh tuna taste right out of the ocean. We all ate it up and can’t wait to catch more. So my fishing efforts have doubled and I used a squid that land on deck from last night. But like before I have not caught anything today but hopefully tomorrow morning.

We are only 100 miles from Galapagos Islands but the wind has died down to 5 knots and we are now moving at 1.2 knots. I think we will burn the fuel to motor the rest of the way. Another exciting fact is that we are only 2 miles north of the equator. I hope I get to see the poles marking the equator, haha just kidding. Anyway I am looking forward to making landfall but I hope we make it before the sun goes down or we will have to stay out in the ocean one more day.

Drink A Beer For Me Tonight!


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