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Day 2 to the Tuamotu Islands “Forgotten Notes, to much RUM?”

Ok so, the morning we left Hakatea Bay Nuku Hiva I woke up and joined my dad in a cup of coffee and a French baguette with butter and local jam. It was about 7 am and the sun was already getting hot. I could hear a dog barking and barking on the small shore line that surrounded us with high cliffs beyond the rock beach. The dogs barking echoed around the little lagoon that we and 3 other sailboats where anchored in. I noticed that the dog had a wild goat cornered between the rock cliffs and the water and just stood there watching the dog bark. A local island man was climbing over the rocks and working his way to the dog. We watched for about 40 minutes and then the man was only 10 feet from the goat and dog. The goat kept his eyes glued to the dog and then the man jumped from his position, grabbed the goat by the horns and with one quick motion slashed the goats throat. I thought this was very interesting and a great way to start ones day. I did feel a little bad for the goat. After the man killed the goat he had the dog lock his jaws around the goats neck and left them there for a few minutes as he walked over to the cliff and started picking at the old lava rock wall. After awhile he came back and released the dog from the goat and walked over to the cliff where he had been picking at. He then stuck a stick into the hole he made and hung the goat from the stick in the cliff wall and dressed it out giving the dog its inner parts. He then skin and butchered the goat. I thought about going to shore and buy some of the meat from him but we had to get going to beat the incoming tide. I woke Adam, pulled the anchor and where off to the next Island.

As of today we change our sail configuration 3 times. We started the early morning out with a reefed main and jib. Then put the spinnaker pull out for the jib and went wing and wing with the main sail. Then the wind got really light so then a switch the spinnaker pole to the port side and flew the spinnaker. I am may drop the spinnaker and go back to the jib and pole for tonight but I may just run with the spinnaker tonight. Fingers crossed I don’t get hit with a squall again with that dam spinnaker up. But I love speed and without the spinnaker up I feel like I am moving backwards. I just want to get to the Tuamotu Islands and buy a big bag of pearls for a 100 bucks, lol.

Current Position: 11deg 11.4min South, 142deg 33.1min West: COG 244, SOG 4.8



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  1. j

    Hope the knife was sharp and the goat’s demise was somewhat humane?

    June 5, 2013 at 5:19 am