Sailing Around The World

Day 3 to Tuamotu Islands “Death to All Tuna”

Dear Tuna Fish,

I would like to inform you of a few personal facts. First, I have read many books on the subject of fishing on oceans, rivers, and lakes. I have fished all over the world and have had training from some of the best fishermen. Second for this trip I have consulted several cursing fishermen and bought one of the best books on the market to better understand the principals that allow me to catch you. Third I have invested roughly $1000 dollars on my fish pole/reel, hooks, lead, wire, swivels, and lots of line. So frankly after all that effort and work, I have to say to you with the most honesty of my heart, is you are PISSSING ME OFFFFF! You little silver, blue, red blooded, gill breath SOB have eaten half my fishing gear with out me catching a thing. I spent hours making trolling rigs to have them ripped off by your sharp teeth. I have deployed new lures with 800 pound test wire and yet you still just snap my line instead of just biting through it. Well guess what you 200 lbs tub meat I am going to get an all wire line, reel, and rod. I am going to catch you and all your friends. I will devour you raw, wrapped in rice and smothered in soy sauce. So keep laughing and enjoy all the time I have cut myself on the fishing line or lost my mind in a long rants of profanity. If I fail I ask kindly that all you Tuna just drop dead.



P.S. For all you salty dogs wondering where we are I will tell you! We are in the ocean and sailing through a non stop string of squalls that are mixing between 4 low pressure systems. We get hit by a squall that only packs 20 knots and rain. Then it passes leaving us with swirling wind at 4 knots and Drangonsbane just pitch poles in the confused, lump sea. This kind of sailing is worse then sailing through a wash machine because the wind changes direction by 40 degrees and blows from 2 to 20 knots. We have changed our sail configurations 8 times today and reefed at least 7 times and them let it out. But, I think I am getting a good work out and my guns are looking real good!

Take it easy and Enjoy your hot shower!

Current location: 12deg 24.6min South, 144deg 9.7min West, COG: 215 SOG: 2.9knots

2 responses

  1. Maggie

    Dear Jacques,
    Now it wouldn’t be any fun if we just fell into the boat, now would it? Deepest apologies regarding your equipment.
    Warm Regards,
    The Tuna

    June 6, 2013 at 6:53 am

  2. Katrina

    That is why they call it fishing and not catching

    June 7, 2013 at 1:13 am