Sailing Around The World

Day 5 to Tuamotu Islands

Change of plans folks, we are now heading to the island called Kauehi. It’s a nice little island where a few of our sailor friends are going. Also we have been motoring for the last 8 hours with no wind. We finally have enough wind to sail tonight and hopefully through tomorrow. But I can already feel the wind dying off as I am writing. Hopefully we will maintain 5 knots so we can arrive around noon. I just hope we can get into the island lagoon before the tides change. I would be very sad if we had to heave too for the night in the ocean. All is well here and I cooked up some pan fried Mahi Mahi and rice. The dinner was great and I cannot wait for more tuna fish sandwiches.

Take care everybody!

Current Position: 14deg 26.3min South, 145deg 30.48min West



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