Sailing Around The World

Day 6 Tuamotu Landfall

We made our landfall or I should say our lagoon fall at noon today. The Tuamotu Islands are ancient volcanoes that once peeked high out of the ocean like Hawaii, but the center volcanic plug that makes the island had sunk back into the ocean and left only a thin ring of land that stayed above the ocean water. Today we sailed though a small channel in the ring, into the old volcano. We sailed 7 more miles to the southern end of the lagoon and anchored in 40 feet of water. We had talked to a few sailors that were already anchored in Kauehi Island lagoon and when we dropped our anchor they came over the radio asking if we wanted to go snorkeling. Most of the lagoons that make up the Tuamotu Islands have large coral heads, that are taming with fish, sharks, and odd creatures. We joined the group and went about 1 mile away to a large coral head and jumped in. I saw two sharks, a black and white tipped reef sharks. I saw an octopus devouring a fish and millions more bright colored fish. After an hour of snorkeling we went back to Dragonsbane and I started dinner. I made fried potatoes, Thai Fish with peanut butter, soy sauce, and garlic. I finished up the meal with a cake I baked early in the day which was fun at 20 degrees as we sailed.

We enjoyed our dinner as we watched the sun being pulled down by a cloud hand that cause the rays of the sun to shine only through the fingers of the hand that struggled to end our day by snuffing out the light in the sky. The sky is so clear, each star is standing before a great milky galaxy. Stars are bigger then pin pricks in a dark paper bag, its as if a person took a hammer in a dark room and punched holes through the walls to let light in. This place is amazing and I am so far from anything that its hard to breath without wondering what will happen if I get hurt. I guess the most beautiful things in the world are worth the risk.

Current Postion: Kauehi Island, Tuaamotu

I have found the doors that lead to Heaven, Tuamotu


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