Sailing Around The World

Day 6 Passage to New Zealand “Scrubbing Dragonsbane Haul”

Ok, so we never got a chance to clean Dragonsbane bottom before we left Fiji. Based on my information I have to clean the bottom of Dragonsbane before we get into New Zealand Waters. So today 230 nautical miles from New Zealand as the wind dies down we heaved to and cleaned the bottom of Dragonsbane. Before I jumped in I was thinking of all the Great White Sharks that are around New Zealand and then jumped into the ocean. Jade, Jess, Ben, and I all took turns scrubbing and scrapping the bottom of Dragonsbane so it is nice and clean. As we drifted in thousands and thousands of feet ocean the water is very clear with jelly fish, and very odd creatures drifting by. I was hoping to see the Dolphins that played off the bow of Dragonsbane last night on my watch but nothing came to see us. After a chilly dip and scrub in the ocean we warmed ourselves up with some apple cider that I had hidden away. I had bought a gallon of apple cider in Annapolis Maryland and Jess found it a few days ago cleaning, it was still good. With the cool weather, and warm apple cider I felt like it was fall, maybe just a little home sick. But we are going to New Zealand were it will be summer and warm. I won’t lie I miss the fall colors and winter snow, but I guess I will have to settle for fresh lamb, cheese, and green landscapes, O yeah New Zealand here we come.

Current Position: 31deg 28.8min South, 174deg 16.5min East, COG 166deg M, SOG: 4.2kts, WS 8kts, WD 80deg ENE, Swell <1meter, Air Temp 68.5,deg F Water Temp 77.7deg F, Clear skies, 234 nautical miles remain



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