Sailing Around The World

Day 7 Passage to New Zealand “Still Moving But Not Fast”

What a very exciting day spent reading books, talking about nothing or something. I read a book today called the “The Alchemist” it’s a quick read only 165 pages but has great inspiration. I found it very helpful in my own search of being on this earth and maybe it will help you realize your dreams. Speaking of dreams I meet many people on my travels that wish they were motivated to travel more and tell me they will read my blog for that inspiration, at least my last scuba dive with Bull sharks had such a person. I think that if you want to travel buy a guide book of your dream destination and read it from cover to cover. Before you are done reading that travelers guide book you will have booked tickets and will be off on your adventure. I find that having no plan when entering a new country and throwing yourself into it works out and usually has the best stories. I guess like the old saying goes, throw enough shit at a wall something will stick, or maybe that’s what I believe now.

As for today’s adventure we are 141 nautical north of New Zealand moving at about 3.2 knots. The ocean is flat but with wind speeds of 4 knots I m happy to be making the progress of 93 nautical miles in the last 24 hours. Even though we are making a very slow approach to New Zealand the ocean once again yields a wonderful sight. I shall recall the moment that happened a hour ago as Jade pointed it out.
-Jade- O O O a bird, no a shark, shark, shark, NO bird, NO, NO , NO it’s a big ass SHARK. -Ok everybody get on deck!
-What shark Jade?
-Holy shit!
-That’s a big shark fin!
-Ben- do we have any meat?
-Lets throw out the canned corn beef?
-Ben- runs out of the cabin with stir fried rice and chicken cooked with curry and lashes it to a rope and drags it behind the boat. -Jacques- I don’t think great whites each stir fried rice.
-Jess- LOL!
-Jade- I want to volunteer as a great white shark guide.
-Jacques- yup sharks gone and does not like stir fried rice bummer, o well can I have a cookie. -Jess- Yes have two.

Current Position: 33deg 10.2min South, 174deg 24.4min East, COG 152deg M, SOG 3.8Kts, Swell <1 meter, WS kts, WD 78deg ENE, Air Temp 69.5deg F, Water Temp 77.5deg F, Boro 30.07

Go after your Dreams the world will provide,


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  1. Tegan Crandall

    Hi Jacques,

    I met you guys in FIJI on the shark dive. Been home for a few weeks now and I don’t think I have ever had such a case of the post holiday blues. I for now though I will just have to hold out till the end of next year for my exploration of the Caribbean πŸ™‚ Hopefully you enjoying NZ, we will be over there to dive the Poor Knight Islands in February on a livaboard for a few days…cant wait! Good to hear you guys made it safely to NZ πŸ™‚


    November 29, 2013 at 1:03 am

    • Hi Tegan,

      It’s so cool to hear from you, I understand the blues. I am staying at Tauranga, NZ and will be hanging out here till April. I am looking at diving the Marine Park in February off my sailboat and maybe we could meet up.

      Talk to you later,


      Sent from my iPad

      November 30, 2013 at 9:25 am