Sailing Around The World

Day 4 Lost in TIME Travel!……

I am sailing across an ocean lost in time. The vessel for witch I time travel is Dragonsbane where I am currently at 29deg 44.8min south, 170deg 31.0min east or there about. Nothing around me changes; the ocean is blue, dark, cold, and full of silent monsters. I describe it as being on the dark side of the moon. You know the dark side of moon exist but you never have seen it with your own eyes. Here now, gliding along an infinite blue watery dessert that expanse into more oceans I lose sense of time. Sailing, believing that land exists on the other side of time. Time that I have calculated and summarize to the last minute should unveil land. Until the time clock on wall tics by seconds, minutes, hours, and days I will be surrounded by blue horizons, above, and below. No depth prospection to convince me otherwise that time has not stopped or begun I just keep the faith to go on. Just locked away in time Dragonsbane.

Thank you,
Jacques Henry
Current Position: 29deg 37.5min South, 170deg 27.8min East, UTC 07:43, Wind Speed: 10knotes, Wind Direction: 88deg NE, Wave Height: -1 meter, Air Temp 75deg F, Water Temp 81 deg, Skies cloudy but sunny

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