Sailing Around The World

Day 5 Passage to New Caledonia

Today was a beautiful day full of wind, that’s right 15 knots of wind to be on point. It blew at 96 degrees to or beam and has zipped use along at 7 knots boat speed to our far and away destination. We should be making landfall in about 3 days’ time as long as the wind and direction hold fast. On other exciting daily activities that occurred is two headsail changes,3- braided pull strings for the new snatch blocks and tied a 3-way helm knot on the helm. I added some bungee cord to the snatch blocks to keep them from slapping the rail at night in lite breeze, sure helps folks get some sleep around here. I also took a lovely sea bath and was happy to find the ocean water warm and refreshing, just a tad too much salt though. Its so exciting to be sailing at 7 knots tied to the back of the boat half naked dumping bucks of salt water over your head well trying not to fall off, stuff just gets me going. After quick fresh water rinse and I am back on top baby, huba huba. The rest of the day was spent reading and watching the ocean, clouds, and listening to music. Life is good today, be better with a beer but its good to have goals.

Current position: 28deg 13.9min South, 169deg 38.0min East, UTC 06:23, Wind Speed: 12 knots, Wind Direction: 30deg NE, boat speed: 6.4 knots, Air temp: 77deg F, Cloudy with patches of sun. Barometer fell 6 point in the last 8 hours indicating possible rough weather ahead, guess we will find out.


Jacques Henry

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