Sailing Around The World

Day 7 Passage to New Caledonia

Like most passages the wind is always blowing out of the direction of which you choose to go. This morning as we were clipping along a series of small and uneventful squalls twisted up the winds and the seas. Now we are sailing slowly at 3 knots again and pointing 49 degrees in the wrong direction hoping the sea and winds reorganize. Anyway the squall did give Cary enough time to take a shower un the squall rain and a little rinse as well. We are also fishing again but that to has been very slow to produce anything too note today. We have about 120 nautical miles to go and hopefully we will make into New Caledonia tomorrow afternoon but who knows.

Current Position: 23deg 52.3min South, 167deg 12.5min East UTC 05:03, COG 319deg, WS 9.5 knots, WD 245deg SW, SH -1meter, Cloudy Skies and mixed up seas with a few squalls off in the distance

Jacques Henry

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