Sailing Around The World

Day 6 Passage to New Caledonia

Another great day on the ocean and looking to be a good night too. The wind is staying out of the east and we are making anywhere from 7 to 8 knots of speed. We have about 220 nautical miles left to go and hopefully we can make it to port before sunset. I always hate heaving too off the port entrance waiting for the sun to come up when I can see land.
We caught another Mahi Mahi, but after 4 days of fish everything we decided to let this go. I am hoping for a blue or yellow fin tuna to make some sushi. Nothing better than 1 hour old raw tuna made into sushi. Other than baking some bread and making some hokey pokey cookies everything is the same.

Current Position: 25deg 23.9min south, 167deg 56.9min East, COG 319deg, Time UTC: 06:34, Wind Speed 20knots, Wind Direction: 45deg NE, Temp: 78, Wave height 1 to 2 meters, No storms as the barometer indicated yesterday but increased wind speed and sea conditions. Cloudy overcast skies

Jacques Henry

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