Sailing Around The World

2 Week Throw Back Update

During our passage to New Caledonia Cary landed his first Mahi Mahi. It weighted in at 18.5 pounds and 4 foot long. Check I tout below,
NZ_New Caledonia-2

We ate fish for dinner, breakfast, lunch, and then repeated the same for four days but cooked different each time.

Apron our arrival at the outside reef that sits 6 nautical miles off the New Caledonia main land we approached the Petite Passé to the Port Noumea, Baie de la Moselle. As we approach so did the French Navy in a helicopter with a diver hanging for it.
NZ_New Caledonia-6

At first I was a bit worried that we may have done something wrong but it was just the French being French, I love this place. So we made a great entrance off the Pacific to the marine and sat down to t #one beer! Oui, Oui!

Looking back at the night we left.

Thank you,

Jacques Henry

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