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Off Hiking the GR-1 Trail In New Caledonia


Well the wind forecast for sailing is very weak. So instead of sitting around the boat fixing things as always Cary and I will go off on a 80km hike for 3 or 5 days. We will get to see the New Caledonia outback and hopefully get to see some cool things. That said I will not post on the blog for a few days.

We are also getting one of our winches re-machined so it will work better. I guess all the sailing and heavy weather bent the winch plate if you can believe that but we did. My dad and a nice French man is working it out.
The old maintanece company that maintain the boat had used 5200 glue on all the bolts so it took us two days to remove the winch. All I can say is that is stupid, stupid, stupid!


Jacques Henry

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