Sailing Around The World

Almost to Vanuatu

Once again enjoying life at 20 degrees and sleeping on a hill held down by a cloth. The wind has been gusting up to 30 knots but remains out of the south east. Like yesterday the swells range from 1 to 3 meters and every now and again you get soaked by ocean salt spray in the cockpit. It seems like I cant escape the salt anymore, it has coated everything including myself. But the sun is out and we only have 54 nautical miles to go on this lumpy ocean.

Current Position: 20deg 49.4min South, 169deg 06.3min East bearing 035deg M, UTC 02:17, Wind Speed 20-30knots, Swells 1-3 meters, Wind direction South East, sunny with little clouds but cool wind.


Jacques Henry

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