Sailing Around The World

Made to Anatom Island Vanuatu

After heaving too for 3 hours off the entrance the harbor bay waiting for the sun to come up we made an easy anchorage. I went back to sleep for an hour or two and my dad went off to clear us in at the little hut/police station in the village. He returned shortly after and said that the officer would be back in the afternoon to clear us in, o good no worries. After my nap we went ashore again and like ever little village in the pacific I saw a horse, goats, chickens, cows, and the nicest people ever. Walked to the general store to find it closed, I guess we don’t get cookies for dinner. After that we waited at the police station talking with other cruisers from Australia, France, and Germany. Good people out here and glad to be accepted in the ranks of common seamanship. Now back to my beer and dinner cooking on the stove.


Jacques Henry

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