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Anchored in Port Resolution Tanna, Next to a Volcano

Ok first off Port Resolution is not a port! It’s a very rolly polly anchorage with nothing to offer but a good spot to drop your ground tackle aka anchor. Yes like I have been experiencing seen the USA is a rolly anchorage. I personally think the best torture is to place a human in a bed and rock it enough to have the human roll from one side to the other. But to make it interesting you add walls so you can bounce in to it. So that’s what I will be doing tonight in bed, rolling from one side to other wondering why in the world I am in this situation when I could have a great job, girlfriend, and homemade beer. O well I guess maybe because looking out the cockpit I can see the glow of the Volcano that I am anchored off of. Yes that’s right we are only 8km from the most activate volcanoes in the world as the local native say.

Been here for a few hours now and I found out it cost 3350 dollars per person in Vanuatu dollars to enter the volcano area and I only brought 2200 hundred. Guess the local natives wised up and realized that they had a good thing going and started charging big bucks to see hot magma, love that word “magma”. So with a fist full of New Zealand Dollars and USA green backs I am off to talk to the French, German, New Zealand, Norwegian, and OZ’s cruisers too change them for Vanuatu dollars. So I meet Simon and Barbara who like most kiwis are great and changed 100 New Zealand bucks for 8000 Vanuatu dollars. Then I went to the OZ’s and they gave all their money to their son who flow home today, lucky SOB. Then I meet the GERMANS Peter and Hyde who are the coolest Germans I have met so far this trip. They didn’t give me any Vanuatu dollars for change but gave me a boat load of information about the land jumping men here in Vanuatu. So armed with a few Vanuatu bucks I had in my pocket and the money from my Kiwi friends we have enough for two to hike the 8 km in and see the volcano.

Now this is how its going to get interesting, Vanuatu natives love to barter for things and I have 12oz of pipe tobacco that I think I could trade the gate keeper of the volcano to get my dad in. Problem is, is that my dad has to make the 16km round trip and I leave that call up to him. I will let you all know in the next day or so how this works out.



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  1. Allyson Wilson

    Hi, We are enjoying keeping up to date with Dragonsbane voyage. I was watching tv last night and it was a travel show, it was set on pine island, what an amazing place, absolute paradise. Nick back at work hopefully comes home 19 june, Nikki and Carly off at the weekend, watch out Vietnam!. Here’s to following winds and calm seas.Allyson x

    May 24, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    • Very good news bald to see everybody is doing well! Say hi to everyone for me.

      May 29, 2014 at 1:05 am

  2. We are heading to tanna in August. Can’t wait to see the volcano! Have fun

    May 24, 2014 at 9:26 pm