Sailing Around The World

Day 2 Passage to Darwin OZ

Well still sailing as you may have guessed and we are rocking and rolling, pitch poling all the way we go. The wind is right at our back and waves are just off our quarter making it the worst motion on the ocean. I have to say that the south Pacific never gets organized as far as sea state goes or wind. It just a big old washing machine and we are in it.

Sailed with the spinnaker today for about 12 hours then switch back to the main and jib configuration for the old man. Saw nothing but blue skies, blue ocean, and hot weather as we make our way.

Keep Smiling!


Current Position: 15deg 06.84min South, 163deg 41.70min East UTC 05:07, SOG:6.5kts, COG:280deg-M, Sea Height 1 meter, Clear skies, Air temp 93degrees, Water temp 91 deg, Wind speed 15kts,

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