Sailing Around The World

Day 3 Passage to Darwin

Another day of pitch poling and mind numbing rolling. The good news is that for the last two days we have been averaging 150 nautical miles per day. But today we had a few hiccups that may have slowed us down. We tried raising the spinnaker and the wind picked up right as I was opening it. We also didn’t have the port sheet in a snatch block and almost ripped the safety line off the boat. Between trying to drop the spinnaker and getting the line into a block we tore the spinnaker in two places only 5 inches in totally but we had to drop the shut and fix it. We also broke an old block and I rope burned my hands fighting with the spinnaker. All in all it was a good learning day for everybody on how not to raise and lower a spinnaker. We are back to our headsail and staysail making 5.5 knots. I fear running our mainsail because the waves are rolling us so much that the sail violently slaps back and forth which has a high risk of breaking rigging and gear, not worth the gain. SO we will go a bit slower tonight but it will be safer in the long run of thing. All is well onboard.

Better just keep Smiling!

Current Position: 14deg 42.2min South 161deg 28.9min East UTC 05:11, COG 270, SOG 5.5kts, WS 11kts, Swell 1-2meters and mixed, Skies clear, Temp 94F, Water 90F

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