Sailing Around The World

Day 10 Passage to Darwin

Well we made it through the hole in wall to the Torres Straight. We have begun our weaving around and between rocks, islands,shallow water, and coral reefs that are so close to the shipping channel that you could pee off the deck and hit the beach. We are starting to see shipping traffic and have been contacted by the Australia Coast Guard twice. Once a helicopter flew over and around us, radioed us for our current information which we provided. So far our arrival in Australia waters has been a good experience and we are looking forward to landfall in Darwin on Monday. But for now we are sailing through a narrow shipping channel littered with obstacles so night sailing will be much more exciting to do. Most of all after not seeing land for 9 days I woke today to see a island covered with trees and we all have become much happier to finally see real progress.

Current Position: 06:25UTC, 10deg 21.9min South,142deg 42.3min East, COG 245deg M, SOG 7.1Kts, WS 19kts, Swell >1 meter, Party Cloudy Skies, Air Temp 89deg, Water Temp 93deg

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