Sailing Around The World

Day 9 Passage to Darwin FISH ON!

Today was another exciting day of reading and catching a huge fish for Cary. To back up a bit I left my hand line out over night to see if I could land a fish during the night or see if I could catch something weird. When I checked the line that is made of 1000 lbs strength para cord tied to a steel cable I thought I would not lose anything. The steel 1500lbs cable with lure attached had been bitten off during the night by something. Anyway this afternoon Cary grabbed the reel and hooked into a huge Mahi Mahi. Cary battled the fish for about a hour and finally got it close enough to the boat for me to gaff and kill it. It weighted in at 30.1 lbs and was about 4 feet long. Not bad for a days work out on the blue ocean, the freezer is full.

Thank You,


Curret Position: 5:33UTC, 9deg 38.7min South, 144deg 38.5min East, COG 318degM, SOG 7kts, Current 1.5kts, Cloudy Sky, Swell <1meter

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