Sailing Around The World

Passage to Christmas Island Day 4

After a day of clocking wind from 180deg South to 0deg North settling down at 45deg North East we sail down wind. Now we are listening to Carmon Act 1 of the opera to enjoy the evening sunset. As we sail into the star lit night smells of fresh bread made by Ben and chocolate chip cookies prepared by Sarah intensify the emotion to the sea passage. I hope for continued god weather but this evening a low cloudy sky is stocking us across the Torras Straight. What will the night hold, we will see.

During the night the wind once again fell off to 2 knots and we are motoring inching our way north west to area of wind. I download some weather gribs this evening and looks like a trough of wind lays north of our position so we will try for that and hopefully find some wind.

Current Position: 12deg 03.3min South, 125deg 58.8 min East, UTC17:54, COG 270deg, SOG 5.9kts, Motoring, Clear skies



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