Sailing Around The World

Passage to Christmas Island Day 5

It was a busy day that started out with a few problems. I wanted to run our fresh water maker but it kept popping the breaker. After I tested the breaker and checked the continuity of the wire it looked to be in good shape. I then checked our new raw water boost pump that my dad had installed in New Zealand. I discovered that the raw water pump electric motor housing seal must have leaked in saltwater and rusted out the electrical and motor components of the pump. In a nut shell the new raw water pump was toast. I then found our old boost pump that works only when the diesel engine is not running and reinstalled it along with new wiring. The good news is that I was able to get the whole system back on line and made 13 gallons of fresh water. My new game plan is to run the water maker for a hour each day using solar power as my energy source during high noon.

To add to the day of issues we have been fishing each day with no real results. The day began with a small tuna but not big enough to keep according to my friend Jade, I only saw sushi. Later that day as I was head deep in the bilges of Dragonsbane yelling at the water maker we caught a tuna that ripped out the fishing line but then we lost it. Found out that the double hook I put on was not wire tied together and the tuna bumped the hook off the line, very frustrating. But the good news is that in the afternoon we hooked into a Indo-Pacific Dog Tooth Tuna that Cary reeled in and filleted it up for the team. I cooked it up using our Kiwi Alice friends recipe of FEB fish, “Flour, Egg, and then the Bread Crumbs” pan fried with potato’s on the side. It was a tasty fish with lots more to come being a 4 foot 20lbe tuna.

We also had a full day of wind shifts and sail changes that Ben spear headed with Cary, Sarah, and Jade. Changes many times from spinnaker, to jib, jib on a pole, main to spinnaker and so on. We also passed a drilling platform and Ben had a VHF radio conversation with a nice Irish man. All in all it started out bad but turned into a good day A!

Current Position: UTC 18:10, 11deg 55.7min South, 123deg 42.6min East, COG 310deg-M, SOG 5kts, WS 12.5kts, WD 45deg, Swell >1meter, Sunny clear skies



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