Sailing Around The World

Day 11 Passage to Christmas Island

Good news everybody the high pressure system seems to have dissolved into a uniform east trade wind and we are now doing 7 to 8 kts down wind. We have 300 nautical miles remaining and should arrive Friday morning if we can keep sailing at 6 kts. It looks like the Indian Ocean will be full of surprises as we continue west to South Africa. Other then that, we had a great spinnaker run all through the night and kept up 6 kts in 3 to 4 knots of apparent wind. Now we fish again for some sushi.

Current Position: UTC22:18, 10deg 48.8min South, 110deg 40.0min East, COG 270deg-M, SOG-6.8kts, wind 11kts, Sunny Skies



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