Sailing Around The World

Day 9 Passage to Christmas Island

Yesterday I downloaded a weather grib from my SSB radio to my computer to review current weather conditions that exist ahead of our current position. Currently there is a large low pressure system that is dipping down from the equator like a sharp knife. The barometer reading forecasted for the low pressure system is to be 1008MB. Currently the ship barometer is fluctuating between 1014BM and 1010MB witch is astonishing thing to witness. What is more amazing is that on the Pacific ocean the barometer readings would only change by decimal points not whole numbers. Currently as we approach this low the barometer will drop 5 whole bars. Once we are at 1008MB we will be in the middle of the low pressure system and the wind will be a mix of swirling directions and light, but less then 24 hours later a very big high pressure system is charging its way up from the southern Indian Ocean. It is indicated as a barometer pressure of 1020MB with winds 25 to 30 knots clocking from the south to the east direction as it moves by. Currently we have 463 nautical miles to go and ,hopefully we will be at anchor on Christmas Island when this high pressure system runs by. If not it should be lots of fun and get out your board shorts as we will be surfing the 3 meter swell it bring. As for our crew and systems onboard Dragonsbane all is well.

Current Position: UTC 21:33, 11deg 20.1min south, 113deg 26.6min East, SOG 7.4kts, COG 289deg-M, Barometer 1014MB, partly cloudy, Swell 1.5 meter and growing



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