Sailing Around The World

Day 2 Passage to Cocos Keeling Island

Had a fun day of big 3 to 4 meter swells rocking us all over and strong winds pushing us along at 7 knots. We also got lucky with a nice Maha Maha fish that I cooked up and served with corn bread. As usual it was fun getting your butt kicked around the galley as you cooked up a meal. Currently we are on track to arrive in Cocos Island at 18:00 but I am hopping to improve that time because I cannot enter the lagoon at night. The conditions of the lagoon are unknown to me and therefore I will have to stay out in the ocean for one more night, time will tell.

Current Position: 23:44utc, 10deg 57.1min south, 100deg 29.9min East, COG 259deg-M, SOG 7.3kts, Swell 2> meter.

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