Sailing Around The World

Day 3 Passage to Cocos Keeling Island

As the wind blows we sail fast to Cocos Island but I don’t think fast enough. We still are riding out the 3 meter swells and averaging 7kts but our wind direction is not helping us. We have to jibe 20 degrees to port then jibe back 20 degrees to Starbroad losing 4 miles in each jibe. So with that in mind we will be arriving in Cocos Island around 20:00 hours tonight. But there is a chance we can still make it in time for the sunset and we will make it into the anchorage, we will see. 57 nautical miles remain.

Current Position: 23:53UTC, 11deg 57.5min South, 97deg 45.9min East, COG 280deg-M, SOG 7.7kts, Swell 3>meters, WS 25kts, Over Cast



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