Sailing Around The World

Day 4 Pasage to Rodrigues Is. “Wet Waves”

Once again the wind direction is in our favor for speed and comfort. Ok maybe not comfort but we are moving at a steady 7.7kts and Dragonsbane is not pitching as much. The problem with the wind on our beam and the waves more on our forward quarter is that the waves shoot over the deck. That means that all the deck hatch’s must be closed and the temperature inside Dragonsbane is 100 degrees F and rising through out the day. It makes everything a little bit harder to do as you just sweat all day long till about midnight when its cool enough to really sleep. On a good note we caught a another small Maha Maha and one got away after the hook ripped out, but I did get his upper lip.

Current Position: 14deg 02.8min South, 89deg 36.8min East, 01:10utc, COG 265deg-M, SOG 7.7kts, Sunny, Swell 2 meters

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