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Day 5 Passage to Rodrigues “Strong Winds”

During the night the winds were blowing up to 30 knots and continued to blow at 28 knots with 3 to 4 meters swells. The wind is right on our beam and the wave continued to bash up against us making watch’s a very wet and salty experience. I decided to turn Dragonsbane a little to the north so we could absorb the waves hitting the haul. As I slept in the forward V-berth the waves would hit with such force the interior wood panels would make a cracking sound. Dragonsbane is doing great with the current hammering from the Indian ocean and we are making good time. According to the forecast it looks like the winds will lesson and the swells should go down. I am having a great time and we have about 11 to 12 more days till we step on land.

Currrent Position: 14deg 46.3min SOuth, 86deg 58.5min East, COG 254deg-M, SOG 7.1kts. Sunny, WS 20 to 30kts, Swell 3 to 4 meters


Jacques & Crew

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