Sailing Around The World

Day 7 Passage to Rodrigues Isl. “1000 NM to Go”

As we descend down the latitude lines of the globe our warm tropical air is beginning to become cool. Last night the air was around 70 degF and made everything feel very damp onboard. Besides everything inside and out of Dragonsbane being covered in a fine film of salt it now has a very damp feeling which makes everything you touch feel oily. We are looking forward to fresh dry sheets, cloths, and a fresh water wash down once we make it to land. As of right now we are half way there and 1000 nautical miles from the nearest land.

Current Position: 16deg 09.5min S, 82deg 12.7min E, 22:37UTC, COG 260deg-M, SOG 6.6kts, Swell 3 to 4 meters, WS 20 to 28kts ESE



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