Sailing Around The World

Day 8 Passage to Rodrigues Isl. “no fish”

Well we are finally below a 1000 nautical miles to go. Things are going well, Cary made a great fried rice with Bacon Spam yum!Still have not caught any fish for 3 days now and we are all getting a little sad about that. Hopefully with calmer seas and less wind we will have a better chance at catching some fish. The weather is getting colder and I now have to put my storm Jacket on when on watch at night which is pretty sweet, its also nice to sleep in my bunk with out sweating. Look forward to eating some real food.

Curret Position: 16deg 40.6min S, 79deg 33.7min E, 22:41utc, COG 272deg-M, SOG 6.4kts, Swell 2 meters

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