Sailing Around The World

Day 10 Passage to Rodrigues Ils “Cought a Bird”

Well I lost two fish and my gear again, but caught a bird that we let go. The bird flew into the fishing line this time and that seems to be all that we can catch. The trade winds are blowing pretty good now and will for the next 48 hours reach 25 to 30 kts. The increased wind is building up our swells and make life onboard one rolling bumpy unconformable mess in 4 meter swells with mixed in 10 meter swell for fun. Like always we will continue on and hopefully the weather will chill out. Everybody is in there groove now or trying too. But between loud banging waves against the haul and violent pitching waking us every few hours or minutes we are doing very well. Just need a little fish.

Current Position: 01:42UTC, 17deg 49.0min South, 73deg 44.2min East, COG 276deg-M, SOG 8.4kts, Depth 3480 meters, Swell 5 to 10 meters, Sunny, WS 30kts



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