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Day 11 Passage to Rodriguies “Squalls 30+kts”

We had a very exciting night with wind speeds up to 45 knots true and mixed in squalls with 12 meter swells. We are all doing well onboard and we are making great time with 3 to 4 days left. Our biggest challenge in this strong wind is eating in the cockpit. Every time I tried to get food from my bowl the wind would blow the food off my fork and the ocean would add salt to my dish yum!

Current Position: 18deg 27.3min S, 71deg 09.2min E, COG 274deg-M, SOG 6.6kts, WS 30kts, Swell 4 to 8 meters, Depth 3279 meter

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  1. John

    Interesting dinner challenges !

    September 27, 2014 at 1:10 pm