Sailing Around The World

Day 13 Passage to Rodrigues “another wheele has fallen off the Cart”

At around 22:00 Ben was trapped in the bathroom. Yes that’s right the door hardware broke and Ben was trapped until he crawled out the side door. After a half hour of work I managed to get the door open and discovered that the internal hardware was broken. I replaced it with a different door hardware but in the process the door slammed shut on my bicep pinching my skin into the door and frame causing a large blood blister that I can now add to my list of injuries. THe good news is the door hardware works now. But the fun events were not over for myself. I was awoke by Sarah because my alarm failed to work and she said that a squall was coming and I should come on watch. The squalls came and the wind would change by 30 degrees to the north then swing to 30 degrees to the south with wind speed from 8 knots to 30 knots. So far in the last 3 hours we have made 6 nautical miles of headway. Yes, I need a BEER!

Position Current: 23:54utc, 19deg 08.9min South, 66deg 07.7min East, SOG 6.9kts, COG 290deg-m, Swell 2 meters, Sunny, ws 19kts

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