Sailing Around The World

Day 12 Passage Rodrigues Isl “Wheeles Falling off the Cart”

Well it has been one of those days and mornings. Last night we lost another winch handle in a squall, but the good new is it was a old one. But the worst thing is that our Raymarine Autopilot has stopped working correctly despite what the manual instructs. So lite wind sailing will have to be done by hand again o well. I also lost another fishing lure. The only good news is that I fixed the galley stove knob and can turn the burn on with the little black knob and not with my finger tips. The ocean today has decided to be very overcast and packed full of heavy rain squalls with 30 knot winds. After rolling out of my bunk to the floor I decided to just go back to bed and got hit by a ice cube tray, I am not sure why they are stored in the V-berth. LIfe at sea today is very sucky!

Current Position: The Indian Ocean! 23:45UTC 18deg 43.6min South, 68deg 44.2min East, SOG 7.7KTS, COG 268deg, SW 20 to 30 kts, Rain, Swell 2 to 3 meters, 2 days remain



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