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Day 2 Passage to South Africa “Strong Current”

So far we have had some great weather with only a few squalls with lightening. But the most exciting thing so far is that we are riding in a current that is moving between 1 to 2 knots. The weather outlook is looking good for the next two days but then the wind drops off to 10kts or less. Hopefully the wind will fill back in shortly.

Current Position: 00:26utc, 23deg 59.1min South, 51deg 15.9min East, SOG 8.7kts, COG 248deg-M, Swell<1meter, WS 15kts, Current 2 kts,Partly Cloudy,



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  1. Randy

    WOW 2 years coming up

    October 24, 2014 at 6:42 pm