Sailing Around The World

Day 3 Passage to South Africa “Stormy Night”

At about 22:30 at night the barometer was reading 1017MB and slowly began to fall to 1015MB. This of course occurred much slower then the 35 knot winds that blew in and 2 meter seas. The change in wind conditions and sea state only took ten minutes and was slowly reflected in the barometer over the course of 4 hours which been then we were under just a staysail make way at 6 to 8 knots. To added to our fun the current we have been traveling on from east to west changed to north to south and is pushing us down at 3 knots slowing our west progress down to 4 to 5 knots. The swells are also coming out of the north catching us on the beam and soaking the poor person on watch on a regular bases. But that’s not all folks, throughout the night we were surrounded by thunder head squalls that flashed 360 degrees around us and lit up the sky like cannon fire on the horizon incredibly ever few minutes for hours. It has been a amazing show during the night and now the wind has lesson to 18 knots but the current is still causing us to slip more south, hopefully not for to much longer. Boy I tell you, this is great fun for me at least, I think the crew is enjoying it too.

Current Position: UTC 02:56, 25deg 33.8min South, 49deg 17.9min East, SOG 5.4kts, COG 255deg, WS 19kts, CLoudy, ATM 1014mb



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