Sailing Around The World

Day 11 Keeping It Together

The weather has been steady blowing out of the south east at 10 to 15 knots. We have been switching between a spinnaker and double head sail combo. I have been keeping real busy with repairs due to chaffing of sheets and spinnaker rips. So far I have had to sew 5 panels back together because the stitching just let go. I have had 4 sheets chaff right through during the night. Really good news is that we crossed over into the western hemisphere, glad to be back!

Current position: 19:21utc 19deg 32.7min S, 05deg 27.7min W, COG 318deg-m, SOG 7kts, WS 12kts, Swell <1m, DR4177NM, 1019MB

Thank You,

Jacques & Cary

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