Sailing Around The World

Day 13 Atlantic Passage “It all Falls Apart”

Well it has been a interesting few days to say least. So far we have not seen another ship, boat, or anything for 6 days. It has been overcast which makes energy a bit tricky but we survive. So far I have had to repair the spinnaker pole by drilling, re-taping screws and re-installing the female socket end after it got ripped out in a squall. Repaired the snap shackle for the head stay after a squall stretched the steel clasp apart. like always I had to repair three sheet after the spinnaker pole cat paw ate them after running for 48 hours each. But the real ball buster was that our 9 KG tank LP propane connected to the solenoid leaked out our LP gas Now we have one 5 KG tank for the next 30 days. I guess coffee is out! I find it funny because the LP solenoid is supposed to stop leak not make them what a POS!!!!!!! FIXED NOW!

But on a high note we are under 4000 nautical miles to go. Hope I can keep this machine running till we get to the BVI lol!

Living out in the blue dessert,

Jacques & Cary

FYI SSB radio station transmition are very hard to get and so few blogs will be seen, just getting weather gribs is a full time job.

Current Postion: 18:58UTC, 15deg 58.8min S, 09deg 01.0min W, SOG 6.8kts, COG 330deg-M, ws 15kts, swell <1M, 1017MB, DR3,946NM

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  1. Good work, Jacques! Looking forward to seeing you in the BVI!

    December 15, 2014 at 1:40 am