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Day 20 Passage to BVI “Slowly We Go”

The weather has been very nice and is now becoming more organized. We do get low flying clouds that add a few extra knots of wind and makes flying the spinnaker a bit exciting. We have flown the spinnaker for about 48 hours and early this morning we had to change it up with a head sail. Looking forward at the weather it looks like we may have wind to cross the doldrums hopefully and then the wind picks up to 20 plus knots in the northern hemisphere. That extra bit of wind should push us quickly up to the BVI. Systems on Dragonsbane seem to be holding together for now other then chaffing through head sail sheets but I guess that happens when you sail 24/7. Currently making contact with another ship off our starboard. The ship is not transmitting a AIS signal so extra care will be given to this vessel until we are clear of her, always a fun game at night.

Current Position: 22:09utc, 5deg 51.6min S, 23deg 19.1min W, SOG 7kts, COG 314deg-M, WS 12.5kts, Swell<1m, cloudy sky, 1014MB, DR-2852nm


Jacques & Cary

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