Sailing Around The World

Day 16 Passage “Snapped a Halyard”

Not such a bad day today as we make our way I produced 30 gallons of fresh water with the water maker. I also topped up the batteries and charged our laptops too. Its funny when you complete the above taskes its like having fresh laundry folded and put away. BUt the sad news is last night around 2am our headsail halyard snapped at the mast head and the jib sail fell into the ocean. We had to struggle to get the sail back on deck and then used our secondary jib halyard to raise it back up. Looks like I will be climbing up the mast when we get a calm day to fish the halyard back through the mast, fun stuff. I also did a look ahead based on our current average speed of 6 kts. We should arrive in the BVI in 24 days 8 hours, fingers crossed.

Current position: 17:04utc, 11deg 52.9min S, 15deg 08.1min W, SOG 5.8kts, COG 335deg-m, Swell <2meters, WS 12kts, DR 3,456NM,1014MB



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  1. See you soon, Jacques! Good luck getting that halyard snaked-through the mast!

    December 17, 2014 at 4:18 pm