Sailing Around The World

Day 32 “Hammering Forward”

Once again the waves and wind have decided to increase to unfavorable heights. The waves pound into the side of Dragonsbane like the blacksmith hammer into hot steel with a sudden stop from a iron anvil fighting back against the hammer. The noise is like a thundering clap and as I sleep with my body along the hull of Dragonsbane I can feel the fiberglass flex inward as Dragonsbane rushes down waves. Sheer momentum of Dragonsbane against the ocean makes it seem like a fright train stressing to its limits only slowing up when it meets a new wave. On the top side the water sprays out from port and starboard making even more noise. For the person in the cockpit will observe the spectacle of the night as the moon shines bright and lights the bioluminescent that spark blues and greens. It is as if we sail through black liquid only to turn it up into a rainbow of colors as it continues to spray every witch way. I sit looking at the next few days of weather and see even stronger winds and higher waves. I crack my neck, roll my knuckles and try to relax my stressed muscles from sleeping 4 hours on 4 hours off for the last 32 days copulating the things to come. I close my eyes and realize that this is the dream, the adventure a young boy once dreamt, a real reality that is now happening. I am so close to the end that I hope it will not be the finally end but the humbling of the lion that has been in me for years. It may be only the start of something more because once you have flown so close to the sun you only want to go fast and higher. Were shall I go and who should I meet next who knows but I go!

Current Position: 23:21utc. 10deg 11.0min N, 47deg 51.4min W

All time best distance traveled in 24 hour run to date, in the last 24 hours we have sailed 191 nautical miles.

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  1. Sro

    Giver! Just looked up your coordinates and you’re almost there!

    January 3, 2015 at 8:51 pm