Sailing Around The World

Day 35 Voyage To BVI “35 Days At Sea”

It is hard to believe that we have been at sea for 35 days. Today has been much like the last week but the wind has increased and we have been getting gust up to 28 knots making things more uncomfortable then normal. Cary and I are looking so much to landfall in 5 days “fingers crossed” of course. Our food, water, and propane is looking to be in good shape although our food is very basic now, mostly pasta/rice. All the frozen meat is gone but one peace of ostrich filet. For a fun snack I have tea with some sugar and cinnamon spread out on rice. We have started fishing again but the ocean is covered in a tan/green seaweed that gets snagged on the lure every two seconds so I will try again once that changes. Other then the above we read more books, dream of our first meal on land, and try to work out. ALl is well on board.

Current Position: 22:12UTC, 14deg 13.2min N, 55deg 37.7min W, SOG 8.4kts, COG 305deg-M, WS 22-28kts, Swell 2 to 4 meters,

Thank you,

Jacques & Cary

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